Top 6 Easy Ways To Organize Your Living Room

organize your living room

If your living room is feeling cluttered and crammed, it might be time to give it a good organization makeover! Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways to get your living room back in shape. Keep reading for our top 10 tips on how to organize your living room like a pro!


Get rid of any clutter – this includes old clothes, shoes, books, and magazines

Getting rid of clutter can have many benefits. Not only will your living space become more organized, you will likely find some hidden treasures from those old boxes in the attic. Set aside some time to go through clothes and shoes, books and magazines that you haven’t looked at for years. In today’s world of consumerism and disposable fashion, it might be difficult to part with things you’ve had for an extended period, but holding onto items could be doing more harm than good. Donate your gently used items that don’t fit anymore or haven’t been opened – someone else would surely benefit from them! Or host an epic yard sale and make a few extra bucks while clearing out any excess baggage! At the end of the day, your clean, uncluttered space will make a huge difference in how you feel day-to-day.


Put all your furniture in its rightful place – this means no more couch cushions on the floor!

When we make sure that all our furniture is back in its rightful place, it makes us feel organized, refreshed and ready to tackle any other task. Not only that, having it in place also helps us have a better sense of time management and efficiency as we no longer waste precious moments searching for lost items or helping out visitors by moving furniture around. Plus, it’s nice to greet guests who come over to visit with all our furniture neatly arranged in order and not have them dodge couch cushions that were left on the floor. So let’s take the extra time to put everything back in its place and make our home look neat, tidy and inviting!


Arrange your coffee table so that it’s both functional and stylish

Creating a coffee table that is both functional and stylish doesn’t have to be difficult. You can start by deciding which items will use the coffee table as storage and what items you want to display on top. Storage items could include books, board games, or decorative containers where you can store those frequently-used remote controls. As for displaying items, try incorporating a few simple centerpiece items like a glass vase filled with flowers, some framed photos, or even a tray of succulents to bring life into the room. Finally accessorize with candles in different hues and sizes for added texture. These simple touches will make your coffee tables both functional and stylish.


Declutter your surfaces – end tables, TV stands, and dressers should be clear of any unnecessary items

Let’s be honest. Nothing looks worse than having an over-the-top cluttered space. Not only can it make your area look smaller, but it can also become overwhelming after a while if you don’t have the habit of cleaning up. That’s why when it comes to end tables, TV stands, and dressers clutter should always be avoided no matter how tempting it is to add that one “cute” item or statue! Instead, focus on adding practical yet stylish elements that make cleaning easier like drawers and baskets; these items create functionality while also helping bring a sense of calmness to the area by allowing you to organize and store away any small items that would otherwise take up much-needed surface space.


Hang up pictures or artwork that you love to look at every day

Adding pictures or artwork to living room walls can be a great way to dress up your living space and give it life. It’s important to not just add any artwork, though, but rather choose pieces that bring you personally joy each time you look at them. Hang up photographs of people you love or quotes that inspire you; these items can remind us every day of all the beauty in the world if we take a moment to appreciate them. Instead of settling for standard art prints, really make an effort to find pieces that have meaning in your own life and will bring a smile each time they catch your eye. Hang these items prominently so that you get to enjoy their beauty every day!


Store away any seasonal decor that you don’t need right now

Decorating living rooms for the different seasons can be a fun and exciting activity. But, once that season has passed it’s important to store away affordable or expensive seasonal decor items that you don’t need right now. Not only will it create more living space in your living room, but it also prevents accidental damage to these items due to dust, bugs, and other environmental factors. So make sure to take some time out of your day to pack up all that unused decor following any holiday or special event. It’s not only an easy way to keep your living space feeling revitalized – it’s also good housekeeping practice!


Final Words

Ultimately, living room organization is an ongoing task. You should be sure to keep up with it and to move things around as needed. Even if your living room looks great now, it’s smart to take preventive steps like getting rid of clutter and storing away any seasonal decor. Once these tasks are completed, you can begin to arrange the furniture in a way that reflects your personal style. Don’t forget pictures or artwork! This is a great way to add character and make the room feel cozier. If you’d like help to organize your living room, don’t hesitate to call Erica Burke, a professional organizer. Erica can provide advice on how to rearrange your furniture and create the perfect space for relaxation and entertaining! With her expertise, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a beautiful and functional living room that will stand the test of time.