Hi, I'm Erica Burke!

I love to organize and put systems into place that make life easier to pick up after. I also love people, I have two hobbies, organizing and people, that’s right, people are a hobby of mine. My husband and I with our two boys have moved all over the world for his job and since we weren't in any one location for a long time, I needed a job that was flexible and something I enjoyed. That is how Organizer of Things & Stuff was born, I took my favorite things to do in my free time, organize and hang out with people and made it into a business. I would like to help you put systems into place that allow you to enjoy the hobbies and people in your life. Please look around my website and see what might be best for you and once you have decided, or have questions contact me in the way that best suits you. I look forward to Organizing your Things & Stuff.
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